Mister B Leather Bullwhip Nylon Tip 3 Ft.

Mister B
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These Mister B Bullwhips are hand woven with greatest care, with a beautiful handle featuring two large Turkish knots.

The Mister B Bullwhips have a hemp rope core, which is subsequently wrapped in: nylon / canvas / polyester and cotton, before it is woven into supple leather. The many layers and the craftsmanship it takes to piece everything together, ensure that you’ve got a very good value for money.

Your Mister B Bullwhip comes in a canvas bag with pull strings, which is ideal for storing the product (since the natural material of the bag is breathable), or for alternative use as toy bag J.

The length of the whip is inclusive handle but exclusive the length of the tip.


Mister B


100% Leather




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