Mister B Premium Leather Blindfold

Mister B
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Taking away the ability to see what’s happening is one of the most powerful BDSM-activities imaginable. The excitement of not knowing what is going on, and the element of surprise the blindfolded sub experiences upon touch are fantastic in power play. Every touch and sensation is enlarged ten times in your mind because of the element of surprise and the increased concentration the sub will have when sightless.

This Mister B Premium Leather Blindfold is top of the class. It features a soft leather padding on the inside around the eyes, not on the eyes itself. This blindfold therefore closes off sight very well, without putting too much pressure on the eyelids; it even allows for some blinking of the eyes, which increases the (longer term) comfort of wearing this Mister B Blindfold.

With sturdy saddle leather straps and padlockable buckle, therefore one size fits all.


Mister B


100% Leather