Vacuum Pump Cock Cylinder

Mister B
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We were able to get a cheaper and better supplier for vacuum pump cylinders.

They are the same quality as the Kaplan cylinders but have a smaller edge at the bottom to get a better and easier vacuum.

They are also cheaper and fit to all pumps.

All cylinders are handmade of medical-grade industrial strenght clear acrylic. They are made out of 1 piece without a seem. They are easy to clean and will not crack.

They all have an air valve which allows disconnecting from the pump without loosing the pressure.

Choose between 6 sizes.

If you like to pump your cock only choose a cylinder between 1,75 and 2,75 inch diameter depending on the size of your cock.

If you like to pump your cock and balls together choose a cylinder bigger as 2,75 inch.

Use a lubricant at the bottom of the cylinder to get a better vacuum.


Mister B


Vacuum Pumping