Sport Fucker Silicone Nipple Suckers 39 mm.

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Sport Fucker Suckers… Now get ready to have your nips SUCKED. It's the newest and BEST designed tit sucker we've seen. Gotta love the SIMPLE way these new tit tuggers work... with just a PUSH of the middle of the cylinder and your tits are getting pulled.

Made of silicone, the Sport Fucker Suckers delivers a really good vacuum that will swell your nips and in no time you are thowin' a BONE. These are the HEFTIEST and STRONGEST flexible suckers we've ever they are gonna stay PUT...even during insane poundin' action.

Sport Fucker Suckers comes in two juicy tit sizes.  This is the large size 39 mm. For the Pro tit pigs which is big enough to work with pierced nips and delivers TWICE the suck.

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