OXBALLS Powerball Cockring

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POWERBALLS is designed for long wear…like a night at the EAGLE under your gear…all-night sex parties…at the office in your cubicle, under boxers and a business suit…nothing hotter than pushing out your junk in a suit, making that bitchy receptionist drool and catching the eye of the UPS guy…never hurts to show off a bit…

And it won’t hurt in this cockring…this one is perfect for long wear…it is made from TECH-TRP rubber, it has so much stretch  you can wear it all fuckin day…nothing like walking around with a half-chub bouncing around in your jock…

The 2 “balls” on the ring, positioned under your nuttsack, keeps the pressure off your taint…or flip it around so the balls are on top of your meat and the extra pressure right over all the feeder veins on your dick will help keep you extra hard…

One size.




100% TPR Rubber




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