Male-Male Gas Mask Hose Connector

Black Body
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This Male-Male Gas Mask hose connector lets you connect two gas mask hoses together.

With universal gas mask hose M40-threading.

This connector facilitates your rebreathing / breath play set up, especially when you combine several different breath play toys, such as a bubbler bottle, a splitter, rebreathing bag or aroma pump.

Gas masks and breath play are hot and exciting anyway, and rebreathing makes the game even more exciting! But as with all breath play toys, solo breath play is a known killer in the kink scene. NEVER play alone and NEVER leave the sub unattended, not even for a minute.

Male-male connector for gas mask hoses.
Connects two gas mask hoses to each other.
Facilitates your rebreathing / breathplay set up.
With universal M40-gas mask-threading.


Black Body


100% Latex




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