Army Gasmask Full Rebreather Converter

Black Body
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This Full Rebreather Converter converts your Army Gas Mask into a 100% Rebreather gas mask!

This converter replaces the standard pepperpot exhalation cap of the Army Gas Mask, and gives it a standard M40 Gas Mask thread. As a result, you can now collect the exhaled air to (partially) use it to inhale again.

The Army gas mask is (unfortunately) the only gas mask in our range that offers this option. Thanks to this Rebreather Converter, this gas mask has become the crown jewel in our gas mask breath play assortment.

The Converter is made of high quality ABS plastic, with gasket for the hose connection.

Gas masks and breath play are hot and exciting anyway, and rebreathing makes the game so much more exciting! But as with all breath play toys, solo breath play is a known killer in the kink scene. NEVER play alone and NEVER leave the sub unattended, not even for a minute.

Converts your Army Gas Mask into a 100% Rebreather Gas Mask.
Converter gives the air outlet the standard M40 gas mask hose connection.
Exhaled air can now be (partially) used and recycled to breathe in.
The Army Gas Mask thus becomes the crown jewel of our gas mask assortment.
Made of durable black ABS plastic, gasket for hose connector included.


Black Body


100% Plastic




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