665 Playful Pup Hood Black/Yellow

665 Leather
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- Puppy Play Hood designed for the fetish world by 665 Leather.
- Meticulously crafted from supple PU Leather.
- Featuring nickle-free hardware.
- A striking and functional accessory tailored for enthousiasts of the puppy play fetish scene.
- One size fits all.

A puppy play hood designed for the fetish world, meticulously crafted from supple PU (Polyurethane) material, and featuring nickel-free hardware, is a striking and functional accessory tailored for enthusiasts of the puppy play fetish scene.


• Design: This hood boasts a captivating design that perfectly embodies the essence of puppy play. It is skillfully fashioned to replicate the appearance of a dog or puppy, complete with lifelike facial features, expressive eyes, and adorable ears.

• Comfort: Inside the hood, a plush and cushioned lining ensures utmost comfort, even during prolonged wear. The hood features carefully placed openings for the eyes, mouth, and nose, facilitating unrestricted vision, breathing, and communication while fully immersed in the role-play fantasy.

Sizing: One Size fits all

Care Instructions: Cleaning and maintaining this PU hood is straightforward, ensuring it remains pristine after each use. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth or specialized cleaner is usually sufficient.


665 Leather


100% PU




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