XTRM Aroma Sniffer Leakproof Double Black S

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The XTRM Sniffer Leakproof inhaler is a sniffer attachment for Leather Cleaners. With this attachment, sniffing gives you an absolute new kick. So intense, so pure, so horny with the fattest hammer high you’ve never seen before. 

This XTRM Sniffer Leakproof features a revolutionary push button function. No spill when the button is not pushed, so ideal to take into town or when you’re cruising around. 

With this XTRM Sniffer Leakproof inhaler your Leather cleaner is ready for use immediately, no more fumbling with the screw cap. No more need for cotton wool or a mask, and much less chance of spilling the product. 

And best of all, there are no side effects. No unpleasant skin contact with the aroma, no skin irritation or redness. 

Using instructions: note that the XTRM Sniffer Leakproof inhaler doesn’t like sun, heat, cold or aggressive detergents. Best is to wash after each use and store it back in its packaging. 

Available in two sizes:- Small: Fits on all 10 ml bottles, slim high-rise bottles and large Lockerroom-bottles- Large: fits all other large bottles








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