XTRM Bondage XTRM Rubber Mask

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For all rubber and/or fetish fans we have the non plus ultra full rubber mask. You can easily adjust the straps on the back to any head size so that the mask fits perfectly as it should. Hanging around limply is a thing of the past - our -X- strap holder ensures the perfect hold.

Full rubber mask black
Monster red eye patches with internal body (XTRM STYLE)
Opaque (the wearer sees nothing)
Cover in monster red

We gave the whole thing a cool outfit and added a few cool eye rings (different designs) and a crisp cover. This turns the rather simple mask into an absolute burner. You can redesign your BONDAGE XTRM Rubber Mask at any time. All other things like filters or the rubber hose from XTRM can be found here.

Inspired by the classic Israeli gas masks, the X-Mask has that certain something Something. The side valve is decorated with a cool X - an eye-catcher that cleverly hides the drinking valve. No more annoying stuffing! The long plug will never be a problem again - instead the X-Mask brings your fetish fantasies to life.

The BONDAGE XTRM Rubber Mask is ideal for all lovers of rubber fetish and breath control games an exclusive opportunity to live out your hot preferences. Whether rubber fetish or breath control games, this mask is your perfect companion. But remember, Safety First - never play alone as the X-Mask is designed for shared adventures.

Everything at a glance:

  • Heavy XTRM Rubber Mask Inspired by the Israeli gas masks
  • Rubber high-quality equipment with drinking device
  • Multi-adjustable mask for every head
  • Perfect hold thanks to our X-strap holders
  • High quality material, eyes and cover style by XTRM

Storage and care: If possible, store your latex or rubber toys in the dark. A wardrobe without the influence of light is ideal for this. Note that latex and rubber are sensitive to sunlight and can fade and become brittle. To counteract fading, it is recommended to regularly use latex spray or powder your latex and rubber clothing with talcum powder.








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