XTRM Rubber Gas Mask Tube Black

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The XTRM Corrugated Rubber Hose has an ideal length of 50 cm to meet your connection needs.

What our new XTRM Rubber Hoses makes it really awesome is its unique connection method. Unlike conventional hoses, which are often connected with cable ties that usually have sharp edges, our hoses, on the other hand, are firmly connected to each other. This means that they can withstand even extreme loads without the end pieces coming loose.

The tight connection of our XTRM Rubber hoses offers a decisive improvement in terms of longevity and reliability. Whether you're planning a particularly intense session or just need a reliable hose connection, our hoses will do the job without hesitation.

With our XTRM rubber hoses, annoying cable ties are a thing of the past. You can fully concentrate on your activities without having to worry about unexpected interruptions. Our tubes provide the stability and reliability you need to enjoy your session to the fullest. And best of all, they are made of a material that also allows wet play, unlike the "cheap" tubes that are covered with fabric, the fun will soon be a no go...

Extremely shatterproof, masculine, male sexy bizarre style. Must-have for quality and functionality.

The shiny look gives the hose a fascinating aura that immediately attracts attention.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece including end pieces
Length 50cm
Material: rubber
Sleeves (end pieces) always have a diameter of 40 mm

Various colors see selection
The hose is black.

The photos here are about the rubber corrugated hose, all other details are not included in the purchase, but can be ordered!








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