Neoprene Puppy Dog Mouth Mask Red

Black Body
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NEOPRENE PUPPY DOG MOUTH MASK. The dog head mask is soft and stretchable. No zippers or fuss with cords to fasten. You click it together with the snap on buttons over your head and it fits.

The muzzle can be attached without the tongue on one of our neoprene puppy masks we sell separately. 

The mask is made neoprene material. You can remove the muzzle, because of the press stood this is easy. Because the mask is made of neoprene it closes well around the head, without it feeling loose. It can withstand water and is easy to clean. Because the muzzle is perforated and open at the bottom, it is easy to breathe, and can be worn for a long time.You can even click on the included tongue. The puppy mouth mask is very comfortable to wear.This dog mouth mask is easy to clean, you can have your games as dirty as you like. This BDSM item shouldn't be missing from your collection if you like puppy play.

Black Body


100% Neoprene




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