Mister B Lycra Visor Hood Black

Mister B
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Mister B Lycra Hoods are made of premium grade Lycra (also known as spandex) and are tight-fitting to stretch over facial features smoothly.

The Mesh Eyes hood is perfect for those who want to be discreet and still see and use their mouth. The large mouth opening includes space for the nose, to breathe and smell, for an experience full of senses.

One size fits all.

No more bumping into walls with the Mister B Lycra Hood Mesh Eyes! Be discreet and still do all the dirty things you want to do. The large mouth opening has space for your nose to fit under and allow you to breathe easily while you tend to your kinky business. Watch what you’re doing with the mesh layer over your eyes, so you can still stay anonymous while you… continue tending to your kinky business.

This Lycra hood gives a wonderful confined feeling; your head is comfortably encased in this tight material, without being so heavy and tight as a full rubber or leather hood. It is still easy to breathe with Lycra and easy to maintain and it doesn’t get too warm under there either. That is especially handy since you will likely get a lot of use from this fun hood.

Can be machine washed at low temperature, and lay it out to quickly air dry.

Since the material is very stretchy, one size fits all.


Mister B


100% Lycra




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