Lube Bottle 1000 ml.

Mister B
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Fisters Rejoice! ….this plastic lube bottle is the ultimate in anal lubrication application!

This is ideal for lovers of J Lube, Fist Powder or X Lube who are looking for an easier and less messy way of getting lube between your cheeks, not the sheets.

Perfect for long intense sessions - with a whopping 1000ml capacity, and a soft rubber nozzle for easy insertion so that you can apply lube exactly where it is needed.

Simply fill with this ‘pro-level’ lube shooter with your favourite water based lubricant.  The clear plastic bottle with markers allows you to see how much lube is in the bottle (and how much you have used ;).  The screw top and nozzle comes apart super easily for thorough cleaning.


Mister B


100% Plastic