OXBALLS Slung Ball Stretcher

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Now available at Black Body: The new Oxballs SLUNG. Designed after trying old-style metal and leather ball stretchers. We didn’t like the metal ones because the fit had to be just right for them to stay put and nothing hurts more than clamping down on tender sack skin with magnetic or heavy metal parts screwed together.

The leather and neoprene parachutes worked sometimes, but they dig into your sack and are difficult to put on.

We wanted a comfortable, stretchy, easy to put-on ball-stretching system that fits and can be worn for long stretching sessions…but one that also allows you to add or remove weight as you stretch or play... and it must stays in place as you play hard.

SLUNG allows you to add or remove weight, it distributes the weight evenly around the sack…and if you need a break from torturing your stretched ballbag you can take the weights off and wear the silicone ball stretcher.

The silicone is firm but stretches to slide your balls through…we suggest a light coating of water-base lube or spit.  If you already have low-hangers you can also add other ball stretchers above or below SLUNG for the ultimate amount of stretch

SLUNG comes with 3 carabiners installed, perfect for our weight sets or for weights you already own.  We’ve also used SLUNG in bondage rope play running the rope through the clips to tie down points.

SLUNG doesn’t dig into your sack, distributes the weight all around your low-hangers it’s easy to put on, comfortable for long play, allows you to add more and more weight as you progress in your sack-stretching…

Comes with three polished aluminum 5 cm / 2 inch carabiners, weights NOT included. 

Care:  Wash with warm soapy water after use, store separately from other toys. We suggest not removing the carabiners; they help distribute weight in the hang-holes so the silicone doesn’t tear.

Hints: a warm sack hangs lower and is easier put a ball stretcher on. SLUNG fits most sacks, big balls to smaller ones, if you have smaller nuts and worry about the weighted stretcher slipping, use a small rubbery cockring below SLUNG. The ball stretching “pros” recommend starting slow, use the stretcher until your sack relaxes, add weight incrementally, periods of weighted stretching mixed with time with no weight should give better results.  Always stop if you feel pain or any other change that doesn’t feel normal.

    Pure Platinum Silicone
    Made in USA

Wash in warm soapy water after use, air dry

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