LAPD Oversize Cock Cylinder

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All cylinders are handmade of medical-grade industrial strenght clear acrylic. They are made out of 1 piece without a seem.

They are easy to clean and will not crack.

They all have an air valve which allows disconnecting from the pump without loosing the pressure.

Lenght of cylinder 12 inch (30 cm), three inches (7.5 cm) longer then all our other cock cylinders!

Available in the following sizes (inner diameters):• 3.50 inch (8.9 cm)• 4.00 inch (10.2 cm)• 4.50 inch (11.4 cm)• 5.00 inch (12.7 cm)• 5.50 inch (14.0 cm)

Use a lubricant at the bottom of the cylinder to get a better vacuum.




Vacuum Pumping