Neoflex Cock & Ball Strap 2,5 cm.

665 Neoprene
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A Neo Flex Cock and Ball Strap is a staple for any man’s top drawer.First, snap on the cock strap, then tug your balls down and keep them down with the ball strap.

This device is adjustable and gives just the right amount of tug to your balls while slightly lifting your whole package with the cock strap. Both of these features combined make a great bulge in your jock. Wear it all day; then when you are ready to fuck, tighten both the cock strap and the ball strap.

Doing so will keep you rock-hard, as well as maintain a firm grip on your balls for an extremely intense rush as you shoot your load. Choose between our regular 1 inch (2,5 cm) ball strap and our 1.5 inch (3,8 cm) ball strap for that extra stretch!

    Stretchy neoprene with water and lube safe snaps
    Easy to wash
    Comfortable for all-day
    Great bulge enhancer


665 Neoprene


100% Neoprene




Neoprene Cock & Ball Toys