Crackstuffers: Medium Goose Plug

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We discovered that the Crackstuffers Gooseneck-series of butt plugs have the ultimate shape for giving you optimal anal pleasure. Loosely inspired on the tilted head of a goose and Crackstuffers very popular Gooseneck Dildo, these plugs start relatively small, then softly but steadily increase in girth until you've reached the largest point. The widest part of the plug will give you a wonderful filled feeling once you've slipped over it, whereas the length of the plug will reach nice and deep into your butt - but not too deep to make it uncomfortable.

All the plugs are very smooth and soft, so this plug is a very friendly trainer for your sphincter muscle. All Crackstuffers products are made from velvety soft and beautifully blue vinyl which is very soft and flexible, but strong and durable.

As with all anal toys, we recommend using plenty of lubricant (silicone- or waterbased).

The Goose Plug-series consists out of four different sizes, ensuring there are several sizes you can grow into while you're training yourself in having more advanced anal pleasure.

The Medium Goose Plug has a total length of 185 mm. (7,3 inch) with a maximum diameter of 56 mm. (2,2 inch).




100% Vinyl




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