E-Stim Ebox Series 2B Kit

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If you're looking for more power, more control and more versatility, then the E-Stim Series 2B should be your only choice. E-Stim have retained many features from the ever-popular Series 2 unit but added some great new tricks including:

  • two isolated channels with independent controls - e.g. use multiple bipolar electrodes at the same time
  • new throb and thrust functions - hours of e-stim pleasure
  • soft start controls, so power resets to 0% when changing modes or switching the unit on
  • built-in microphone; 3.5 mm stereo audio input
  • improved backlit display is easier to read and shows you exactly what's going on
  • uses a single 9V battery; and takes rechargeable batteries as well

You have been warned: the Series 2B is considerably more powerful than any of E-Stim's other control units.

The clear backlit LCD display shows you exactly what your Series 2 is up to, no more funny codes! A built in help display guides you through mode selection, whilst the back light options allow visibility in the darkest dungeon,

13 Program modes:
Not just the simple pulse and continuous modes, the Series 2 offers a range of sophistication not seen in any other E-Stim unit. Split modes, manual controls, programmed wave functions even a tickle function the Series 2 has it all.

Dual isolated channels:
The Series 2 features 2 isolated output channels, with independent controls on each channel. The output LED's light up in proportion to the output levels.

The Series 2 will run in 2 power settings. Low power is similar many E-Stim units, providing an excellent introduction to E-Stim whilst the high power mode offers serious levels of output.

Unique Audio System:
As well as a built in Microphone the Series 2 offers stereo processing, via a 3.5mm stereo input. Each audio channel is translated to a powerful pulsed output, again controlled by the independent channel outputs. And as an additional control it is possible to adjust the whole response of the audio processing system, providing a unique insight to stereo based E-Stim. Unlike other Audio stim units the Series 2 is designed to use normal audio sources.

With output channel isolation, built in power limiting and soft start controls, together with a design ethos that stresses safety at every stage the Series 2 is compliant with all of the major UK, US and European safety standards.

The Series 2 is the same size as the famous E-Stim Systems Series 1. Slip it into a play bag, it’s all you need for electro pleasure.

With the Series 2 you are not just buying a box, you are purchasing a serious introduction into the E-Stim world, from a company that is dedicated to producing the best in E-Stim technology.

EBox Series 2 Specifications:

Channels/ Outputs:
Dual Isolated Channels via 3.5mm mono sockets

Backlit LCD with High Brightness LED's indicating Channel Activity Activity

Program Modes:

Audio Modes:

Internal Microphone, Stereo Source via 3.5mm Stereo socket

Input Impedance:

Input Sensitivity:

Independent controls for Channel intensity, mode selection and adjustment.

Output Waveform:
Power Supply
Two Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3)

Dimensions (approximate.):
145 mm. x  80mm.  x 50 mm.
(5 3/4" x 3 1/4" x1")

(with battery) 400 grams.

Supplied Accessories:
2 off 3.5 mm. to 2 mm. output cable,
4 off Self Adhesive Electrode Pads,
1 off 3.5mm Stereo input cable
1 off User guide.

NOTE that all E-Stim toys work with 4 mm. sockets and that the kits do not contain 4 mm. cables. Included in the set are 2 to 4 mm. bananajacks to solve this little problem. Alternativly we sell extra E-Stim 4 mm. cables.




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