Fist Powder Sachet 7 gr.

Fist Powder
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Sachet 7 gms.

FIST Powder was 2 years in the making and the main ingredient has NEVER been used before in the lube market.

YOU control the thickness by the amount of powder you add. Fill the cap to "basic" line to get a water bottle full of ultra slick, NEVER stringy lube. For heavy FF action, just increase the amount, and you get a thick ass-opening lube.

DIRECTIONS: 1 gram of FIST mixed with 100 milliliters of water will yield 100 ml of lubricant. We find that if you fill the red cap to the white line at the bottom (which is a VERY small amount) and add this to a standard size 16oz water-bottle you get a nice slippery mix. Just add more if you are going to do a FF scene, for a THICKER extra-strong viscosity. We strongly recommend mixing in a blender, to get a smooth and lump-free mix. Unlike J-Lube, you do NOT have to add salt to clean up. FIST never leaves a stain.

90 grams of powder per bottle makes 18 16oz bottles of pure lube fun!
The "CE" number on the bottle means FIST is certified safe for your skin and fully compatible with latex condoms and gloves.

Non-staining. Tasteless. Hypoallergenic. Imported from France.


Fist Powder


Water Based Lubricant


7 gr.