Boxer Barcelona: Vintage Leather Biker Jacket Classic Black

Boxer Barcelona
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Our most spectacular leather creation to date. Transport yourself to New York 1969 and the style of biker jacket worn in the USA from the 1940s and popular with gays, Tom of Finland types in the 1960s. Diamond padding on the outside and perforated leather lining on the inside.

A man needs his pockets: interior pocket for your wallet then four exterior pockets: the zippo lighter pocket at the front, the cigar or fag pack pocket on the arm and the front zipper pockets for your condoms and lube.

Leathermen around the world are already celebrating - see Boxers instagram account - that at last there is a well thought out, gay leatherman, vintage style jacket on the market for less than you have ever imagined. How? We accept a lower margin because we want to see sexy guys in our gear.

100% cowhide leather. Designed in Barcelona, made in Europe.


Boxer Barcelona


100% Leather




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