Crackstuffers: Curved Depth Trainer 70 mm.

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All Crackstuffers are made of high quality, soft but very strong and durable, and beautiful blue vinyl.

The fourth in a set of 5 sizes, the Curved Depth Trainers are a variation of our popular regular trainers, a firm favourite for players. Designed by the arse play team at Crackstuffers, they are designed to slowly stretch you deeper over time, eventually being able to take larger toys or a whole arm. Stretch at your own pace, you don’t need to insert all of it at one, best to play over a few months. When you’re ready and wanting more, get the next size up. Use plenty of lube; they are smooth so that they slide in easily. 

Crackstuffers toys are made in a new improved Phthalate free vinyl. They are softer and stronger than before and smell good too! Always use plenty of lube, and they are safe to use with water-based lubes, silicone and oil based lubes such as Crisco.

Dimensions: Length - 70 cm. (27.5")
Diameter - 7 cm. (2.75")




100% Vinyl




Dildos 61 cm. and over