OXBALLS Hand-Job Cock Sheath Red

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Now you don’t have to choose between plowing and punching hole…you can fuck while you fist…

HAND-JOB put the fuck in fist fuck, the first fist shaped cocksheath from OXBALLS. It’s firm enough to fuck but blubbery to get past that widest part of the hand… is made from our signature FLEX TPR so it’s rubbery and soft but still has enough firmness to feel like a real hand pumpin’ your puffy juicy pucker.

This is a full size hand, engineered in CAD design programs to position fingers and thumb in the best conical fist shape for insertion. Coat the inside with lube, slip your meat in, wrap the sling around your junk and you’re ready to high-five him from the inside. If you want a really tight grip on your meat we recommend “burping” out any excess air by tightly squeezing the length of HAND-JOB down to the base.

The built in dick-sling keeps your dong plumped and HAND-JOB melded to your meat no matter how hard you’re slammin’ his hole. If you want a tighter fit or more suction grip, HAND-JOB comes with a nub insert that is designed to “lock” into the hollow chamber. Add more optional nub inserts so this fucker fits any size meat. Info:

Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLS FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

Lube safe: water-based, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes, always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store all stretchy toys so they do not touch each other.


    Overall Length: 11”
    Inner Core Length: 6.5"
    Insertable Length: 9.5”
    Circumference: WIDEST HAND 9.5", FINGERS 5"-7", WRIST 6.5"
    NOTE: the larger your dick that thicker the hand gets, longer dicks stretch hand 1.5-2.5"
    Weight: 15 oz.

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