Taking Care Of Your Rubber

Clothing made of rubber is remarkable for its strength, its smooth texture and its ability to stretch making it particularly suitable where a high surface sheen and skin tight fit are desired. To retain these qualities and ensure a long life for rubber garments, it is vital to remember these care points:

  • Exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture will eventually weaken and discolor the rubber. It is essential, therefore, always to store rubber clothes in a cool, dark, dry place. We recommend hanging them in plastic (such as a bin liner) in your wardrobe.
  • Immediately after wearing, rubber garments should be rinsed in lukewarm water, with optional a little neutral soap, mild detergent or preferably with HEXI BLEU rubber cleaner, available at Black Body. This to remove sweat and cigarette smoke. When dry, talc the inside surfaces lightly with NOT PERFUMED talc to prevent from clinging while on the hanger.
  • Before attempting to put them on, skin tight garments should be talced liberally on the insides. This will make them much easier to slip into.
  • Most people like their rubber clothes to look shiny. Good sheen can be produced with Black Body Silicone Spray or Black Body Rubber Shiner, wiped on lightly with a lint- free cloth. To create the mirror-like shine as seen in the best rubber photography, do not wipe the spray after spraying the garment. Please note that the garment will feel a little greasy to the touch after application if you do not wipe it. It does not dry. Spray only in a well-ventilated room or outside, and avoid contact with other fabrics. Silicone spray is available at Black Body.
  • Never use any oil-based lubricants when you are wearing a rubber garment. This will weaken and eventually ruin your garment. Always use a water- or silicone based lubricant.
  •  Finally, always handle rubber carefully. Pulling on tight clothes too enthusiastically can leave permanent fingertip dimples, and sharp nails or jewelery can puncture the fabric. Take your time putting on your rubber garments.

Complaints can be entertained only if you have complied strictly with these instructions!

Wearing rubber clothes is a total experience. Enjoy it!

In the Maintenance Products department you will find all the products you need to wear and to take care of your rubber clothing. Click on the picture below to go there directly. 


Rubber Maintenance Products