New Fucktools Toys

New Fucktools Toys now available at Black Body

We now added a new line of toys to our collection: Mister B. FUCKTOOLS.

The new line of toys consists of 24 dildos with a suction cup that can be taken off the toy,

Mister B FUCKTOOLS have a specially designed hole in their base, so they can be attached to the included suction cup. This suction cup is very durable and holds extremely well onto smooth surfaces, such as glass, tiles, mirrors, doors and the side of your bed.

Mister B FUCKTOOLS are also compatible with the HUNG system accessories.

Of course you can also find them in the basement of our Amsterdam store with all our other toys or you can order them online.

You can check out all these new items below or order them directly. If you want to see all our new items please click here. 


Fucktools Screwing Harness


Fucktools Building Brad Dildo Dark Skin


Fucktools Fisting Freddy Dildo Dark Skin


Fucktools Drilling Don Dildo Dark Skin


Fucktools Plumbing Paul Dildo Dark Skin


Fucktools Welding Will Dildo Dark Skin


Fucktools Plumber Gag


Fucktools Carving Carl Dildo


Fucktools Mechanic Mike Dildo


Fucktools Contruction Chad Dildo


Fucktools Carpenter Chris Dildo


Fucktools Building Brad Dildo


Fucktools Handy Harry


Fucktools Fisting Freddy Dildo


Fucktools Drilling Don Dildo


Fucktools Drilling Don Dildo Flesh


Fucktools Hammering Hank Dildo


Fucktools Hammering Hank Dildo Flesh


Fucktools Nailing Nick Dildo


Fucktools Nailing Nick Dildo Flesh


Fucktools Plumbing Paul Dildo


Fucktools Plumbing Paul Dildo Flesh


Fucktools Screwing Scott Dildo


Fucktools Screwing Scott Dildo Flesh


Fucktools Welding Will Dildo


Fucktools Welding Will Dildo Flesh