Sneaky Sportswear Parties

New sportswear parties: SNEAKY, Sports and Fun unlocked.

Next sneaky party will take place at the Eagle Amsterdam on April 27. 

At SNEAKY it's all about sportswear and fun. We emphasize playing with each other in any form with sportswear. So find your horniest sports outfit (see dress code) and come and play with acquaintances or meet new guys to have fun with.
So are you up for fun? From trampling to bondage or from sniffing to wrestling, let your imagination run wild. And in between, socialize at the bar with other sportswear guys.
See you at Sneaky!🔒

Eagle Amsterdam


Dates 2024:
April 27
June 29
August 31
October 26
December 28

You can buy the tickets at the door (cash and pin). Price includes wardrobe.

Dress code:
At Sneaky it's all about sportswear and fun, so let's do a dresscode check. If your answer is 'yes' to both points, then your clothing fits Sneaky and you are welcome.
• I would exercise in public in my clothes
• My clothes would also look hot on someone else

✅ Think about the following
Sportswear, sneakers, skaters, sagger, trackies, chav/scally, football, lycra, cross biker in combination with sportswear.

Leather, Rubber, Nude, Glitz & Glamor, Women's Wear, Boots, Sandals, Army, Formal Shoes, Business Wear, Perfume Clouds