Funhouse & Rapido Pride Editions

Funhouse & Rapido Pride Editions on August 3 and 4.

The Pride Opening Event at the Melkweg by Rapido Events will take place on Friday August 2 at Melkweg Amsterdam.

Funhouse XXL Pride edition will take place on Saturday August 3 at Westerunie, Westerliefde, Transformatorhuis and de Gashouder. Large outdoor square available.

Rapido Pride edition will take place at Paradiso on Sunday August 4.

The Pride After Event by Rapido Events will take place at Westerunie on August 4 from 23.59 to 7.00

Line Up Pride Opening Event at Melkweg:

Big Kid from Singapore!

Line Up Funhouse:

WesterUnie : Kitty Glitter – Sharon O love – Inshane

WesterLiefde : our techno heaven

TransformatorHuis : DJ RW Hell’s Kitchen

GasHouder : Among others with international DJ Suri (ES) & Ana Paula (BRA)

Line Up Rapido:

Main room : Hansom – Saeed Ali – Tom Stephan and guest DJ Eddy Martinez (NY).

Full line up for all parties and will be announced soon.

Single tickets for the Pride Opening Event at Melkweg, Funhouse XXL and the Pride After Event are available now on the Rapido Events website. Last single tickets for Rapido Pride will go on sale July 6 at the Rapido Events website. Weekend packages for all parties are still available.

Dates to mark in your agenda for 2024:

Funhouse 2024:
Funhouse Pride Opening Event: August 2
Funhouse XXL Pride Main Event: August 3
Pride Closing Event by Rapido Events: August 4
Funhouse October Edition: October 12
Funhouse November Edition: November 23
Funhouse XL X-Mas Edition: December 21

RAPIDO dates 2024:
Rapido Pride Paradiso August 4
Rapido 20 Years Edition Paradiso December 1 

For more information and tickets please go to are


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