Perfect Fit Fat Boy Silicone Cock Sheath Black 20,5 cm.

Perfect Fit
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Made of SilaSkin this product has stretch factor 1200%! SilaSkin is irresistibly soft and safe with all lubes. SilaSkin is a proprietary blend of TPR and Silicone.

Soft stretchy design is easy to get on and get off. This sheath not only makes the receiver happy, as it adds approximately an inch of girth to your size, but it provides a stroking sensation for the wearer during intercourse. Works best with lube.

This sheath also makes an AWESOME Stroker with it's nubs and ribs and soft cushioned feeling. It's a fat, sloppy sheath that hooks to your your balls get a nice TUG while you stroke...and the inside is coated with soft NUBS.

The length, 20,5 cm. is designed so that an average man has room in the tip. However this products fits larger men too. It's adds approximately an inch of girth to your size. This product fits average and bigger men.

The Fat Boy Cock Sheath is safe with all lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. While the Fat Boy is made of thick non-porous material, please be warned that Perfect Fit does NOT warrant its use as a substitute for a condom.

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