Bi-Polar Electro Vacuum Nipple Cylinders 22 mm. Set

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The cylinders have been specifically developed for enlargement and enhancement of the nipples.

The cylinders combine the sensation of vacuum pumping and the stimulation of electro.

As these cylinders are Bi-Polar they are generally thought to be safer to use above the waist than uni-pole items because the circuit is made through the nipple rather than across the chest cavity.

Once the cylinders are in place they are then connected to an electro control box  to apply electro stimulation.

It is recommended that a high quality vacuum pump be used with these cylinders as the better the pump the better the results. The cylinders connect to the control box using 4 mm. sockets.

Use a lubricant at the bottom of the cylinder to get a better vacuum.

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Electro Vacuum Pumping