OXBALLS Stacker Cockring & Ball Stretcher

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STACKER… Stretch your sack, stack more as your sack stretches…

At OXBALLS, they envy low hanging ball-sacks that swing as a guy swaggers naked through a locker-room…we dig sweaty hairy ball-sacks hanging under a thick uncut dick…we love shaved greasy nut-sacks you can grab in your fist while sucking rock-hard dicks…

STACKER is only about a inch tall, and tight enough to grip your sack whether you have huge horse balls, or grape-nuts, (Ox’s nuts are embarrassingly tiny given how big the rest of him is)… the cog shape outer design gives you a good grip no matter how greasy your hands or sack…

If you like a tighter grip cockring, STACKER is thick enough with plenty of stretch to fit over all your junk.

Total Height 1 inch / 23 mm.
Total Circumference: 7,5 inch / 16.5 cm.
Inside hole 15/16 inch / 24 mm.
Weight 1.4 oz / 400 gram

One size.

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100% TPR Rubber




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