FLESHJACK: Ice Jack Ass Crystal Fleshjack

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The Fleshjack Ice offers all the same super-soft pleasures of the original Fleshjack, but with a clear sleeve color and case for enhanced visual stimulation. Fleshjack Ice is available with the exclusive Crystal inner texture which has been designed to stimulate your penis with distinctive sensations all throughout. As you explore the Fleshjack Ice you'll begin to appreciate the subtle nuances each uniquely chiseled pleasure chamber has to offer.

A diaphanous case and a diaphanous sleeve with a tiny tasty ass, that bottoms for you. A perfect choice if you don’t want to miss anything! Watch the smooth-structured sleeve work your cock until you shoot your load! For the peeper in you…

Before using the Fleshjack please screw both caps from the case. Rinse the sleeve thoroughly with warm water before and after using the Fleshjack—do not use any soap or other cleansers. Talcum powder will maintain the Superskin material and keep it lithesome. Do not expose your Fleshjack to direct sunlight.

Never use your Fleshjack with silicon-based lubricants; whenever you decide to use lubricants, use a product that’s water-based!

•Premium look-and-feel
•Real touch SuperskinTM material
•Use water based lubricant only!

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