TSX: Polyphemus Red

TSX Vinyl Toys
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Bright red soft phthalate-free vinyl.

This is the Polyphemus from TSX Toys, a fat whopper of a dildo that is a wonder to look at!

The Polyphemus features a super strong mega suction cup that means it will hold firm and fast onto any smooth surface. It's so strong, you can hang it on the wall with its suction cup!

The big dildo lovers amongst you will just love the sheer size of this thing: The top "bang" is 5.50 cm diameter (2.25 inch), whilst the bottom, widest bang is 8.2 cm across (3.25 inch

Lenght: 26 cm. (10 inch).


TSX Vinyl Toys


100% Vinyl




Dildos 26 cm. to 40 cm.