TSX: Stoneman Red

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Bright red soft phthalate-free vinyl.

You're walking through through an ancient forest. You come to a clearing where a beam of sunlight shines upon a giant stone ... phallus? Yes, you've reached the mystical monument erected in honor of the Stone Man!

This incredibly detailed dildo is truly a work of art! Thick vines wind up its length, and the rocky head is covered with moss. You can bet there is a lot of sensation in this toy. This is definitely one you'll want if you like it a bit rough!

Lenght: 27 cm. (10,5 inch), Insertable lenght 20 cm. (8 inch). Thickness head 7 cm. (2.75 inch) / shaft 6.5 cm. (2.5 inch) / base 7.5 cm. (3 inch)


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Dildos 16 cm. to 25 cm.