FLESHJACK: Pink Jack Ass Vortex Fleshjack

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For persisting men (extra tight)

Want a little more? If you want to train your endurance you will be perfectly happy with the Pink Endurance Jack Ass Fleshjack.

The extra tight nubby sleeve behind the little tasty ass provides you most intensive stimulations. The longer you can resist shooting your load here, the steadier you’re going to be when you have sex with another man.

Before using the Fleshjack please screw both caps from the case. Rinse the sleeve thoroughly with warm water before and after using the Fleshjack—do not use any soap or other cleansers. Talcum powder will maintain the Superskin material and keep it lithesome. Do not expose your Fleshjack to direct sunlight.

Never use your Fleshjack with silicon-based lubricants; whenever you decide to use lubricants, use a product that’s water-based!

•Premium look-and-feel
•Real touch SuperskinTM material
•Use water based lubricant only!

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