E-Stim Abox Audio Stimulator

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The ABox is a unique electrostim device designed specifically for erotic audio driven electro stimulation. Rather than just being sound triggered, the E-Stim Systems ABox is sound driven. The input, whether from the built in adjustable sensitivity microphone or the stereo input, is converted directly to a powerful but controllable Electro-Stim signal. Picking up sound from either a linked source such as a portable CD player, MP3 device (not supplied), or even the ambient environment via the internal microphone results in an E-Stim experience that has been described by some as ‘out of this world’, and by others as 'just plain evil'.

Sound Driven E-Stim:
With basic sound triggered E-Stim controllers the sound input triggers a simple E-Stim pulse. With the ABox, the sound signal itself drives the output signal, so the output is similar, both in amplitude (loudness) and frequency (tone) to the input signal. This allows you to control the output just from the level and tonal qualities of your voice, or from your audio source. If all is quite then the subject is not going to be zapped..but make a noise.. WOW!!!

Voice Control:
The ability to change the nature of the output just by changing the level and tonal qualities of your voice is a powerful addition to any game. The old adage ‘Silence in Golden’ brings a new meaning when the ABox is used in a BDSM environment. The internal microphone is adjustable as well, allowing you to play in many different play environments.

Level Display:
One of the key features of the ABox is a unique LED input level display. This provides an instant indication of the input level, either from the built in microphone, or the stereo input, The display responds to the input in an instant - offering even more control over the output.

Audio Stimulation:
Solo players will appreciate the stereo input. Select your favorite Stim track, plug in and lie back.We even supply an Audio CD to get you started. And as an additional bonus you can download the latest audio stim tracks direct from http://www.e-stim.co.uk/files.php.

The ABox is fitted with two stereo input sockets wired in parallel, allowing the connection of a set of headphones as well as your input source (headphones not supplied). Now you can stim in private!

ABox Specifications:

Channels/ Outputs:
Single Channel, dual output via two 3.5mm mono sockets.

Dual 3.5mm stereo jacks, wired in parallel.

Input Impedance:

Input Sensitivity:
500mV, 200 to 6000Hz

5 High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes indicating input level and Power On.

Operating Modes:
2 – Internal Drive (Microphone), External Drive (Line In)

Slide switches for Power On/Off and Input Selector. Rotary controls for adjustment of Microphone sensitivity, and Output Level.

Output Waveform:
Current limited pulsed AC

Power Supply:
Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3) Supplied

Battery Life:
Depends on load, but estimated at around 8 hours.

Dimensions (approximate.) :
145 mm.  x  80 mm.  x  50 mm.
(5 3/4" x 3 1/4" x1")

Weight (with battery):
250 grams.

Supplied Accessories:
1 off 3.5 mm. to 2  mm. output cable,
1 off 3.5 mm. to 3.5 mm. stereo link cable,
4 off Self Adhesive Gel Pads,
1 off PP3 9 volt Battery
1 off Audio CD.
1 off Custom Protective Case
1 off user guide

12 months

NOTE that all E-Stim toys work with 4 mm. sockets and that the kits do not contain 4 mm. cables. Included in the set are 2 to 4 mm. bananajacks to solve this little problem. Alternativly we sell extra E-Stim 4 mm. cables.

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