OXBALLS BULL RING 1: Black Snug (Small) Size

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We are going NUTS over these ULTIMATE new ballstretchers and cockrings, called Bull Rings. Made from new super stretchy SKINFLEX silicone. You’ll be fuckin’ HARD and drippin’ and can wear ‘em all day. The stuff has an incredible feel, like warm flesh, and has a lotta STRETCH.

Here is the SNUG size. It makes a great cockring, cuz it will push your junk forward, but is flexible enough so you won’t turn blue. The Snug Bull Ring is also great at the base of your balls, with a tighter grip than the Regular size, but NO pinch or hair grabbing. After a while, they feel like they are part of you. Try 2 on your sac, to really turn up the volume!

Unlike other stretchers, you can use ANY lube you want, even motor oil! You can’t harm Bull Rings.

The SNUG Size is 1.5 inches (4 cm.) tall, and has an interior diameter of 1 inch (2,5 cm.), which of course stretches. 

Click on the picture to view some additional pics which show how you can use MULTIPLE Bull Rings, so think about picking up 2 or 3!




100% Silicone




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