Crackstuffers: Small Deep Plug

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The Crackstuffers range of Deep Plugs are ideal if you want to probe deep into the place where the sun doesn't shine. Made from soft but very strong and durable blue vinyl, these supple plugs are shaped in such a way they can easily pass the first bend in your colon.

All Deep Plugs have three bumps The first head that enters your butt is slightly thicker than the second one, so it gives a wonderful full feeling whereas the slimmer second one ensures that the plug is flexible enough to make it around the bend easily. The third bump is the thickest one which will lock the plug up in your ass when you've sat yourself down on the entire length.

The Deep Plug is available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The Small Deep plug has a length of 280 mm. (11 inch), first head diameter is 43 mm. (1,7 inch), second rounding has a diameter of 37 mm. (1,5 inch) and the third rounding has a diameter of 57 mm. (2,2 inch).

As with all anal toys, we recommend using plenty of lubricant (silicone- or waterbased).




100% Vinyl




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