New Rubber Designs

These designs are new in the Black Body rubber collection:


Do not use any oil based lubricants or grease with rubber products. The rubber will deteriorate after some time.

Because we offer so many options, it might be possible that we can't supply your desired color- or style option immediately upon ordering. We do our best to supply your order as soon as possible.

When you order Rubber Clothing please supply us the optional measurements as well so we can make sure you ordered the right size. For help on how to measure the optional measurements please go to the measurements page.


Premium Rubber Wrist Restraints


Premium Rubber Ankle Restraints


Rubber Thru Zip Wrestling Singlet Red/White Stripes


Rubber Toe Socks Black


Rubber Toe Socks Red


Rubber Bulldog Harness With Trim Blue/Yellow


Rubber Chaps Shorts With Contrasting Trim


Royal Blue Rubber Jockstap with Stripe


Buckle Up Rubber Armbands With Trim


Rubber Zip Shoulder Suit With Codpiece


Rubber Gladiator Mask


Rubber Clubbing Pouch


Canadian Gasmask With Hood


Rubber Xcelarator Pannelled Surf Suit Zip Midnight Blue


Rubber Chaps Shorts


Rubber Chaps Leggings Black with Contrasting Trim


Rubber Target Brief


Rubber Boy Shorts 3 Stripes


Rubber Low Rise Bleachers With Rear Zip


Rubber PIG Jockstrap