Rubber Designs in 10 Standard Colors

All the rubber designs below are now available in 10 standard colors.

Please not that items with zippers in other colors will always have black zippers.

All items in 10 colors have a 3 to 4 weeks delivery time except when ordered in Black since these items are specially produced for you after ordering.


Rubber Colored Singlet Vest


Rubber Zip Front Singlet


Muscle Y-back Vest


Y-front Tit Flash Vest


Classic T-shirt


Classic T-shirt Front Zip


Sleeveless T-shirt


Sleeveless T-shirt Front Zip


Sleeveless T-shirt Side Zip


Lace Neck T-shirt


Cycle Top


Pouch Shorts


Pouch Shorts A/R Zip


Pouch Cycle Shorts A/R Zip


Cycle Shorts A/R Zip


Boxer Shorts A/R Zip


Rubber Wrestling Suit A/R Zip


Rubber Tri Suit A/R Zip


Rubber Backless Briefs


Rubber Jockstrap