New Items Crackstuffers

New Items Crackstuffers

Crackstuffers came up with some new models again this month.

Choose from another 30 new models of the famous Blue Toys producers from Crackstuffers.

You can check out all these new items below or order them directly.

If you want to see all our new items please click here.


Crackstuffers: XXL Goose Plug


Crackstuffers: Maxx Goose Plug


Crackstuffers: Brad S


Crackstuffers: Brad S Plus


Crackstuffers: Brad M


Crackstuffers: Brad M Plus


Crackstuffers: Brad L


Crackstuffers: Brad L Plus


Crackstuffers: Brad XL


Crackstuffers: Twisted S


Crackstuffers: Twisted M


Crackstuffers: Twisted L


Crackstuffers: Twisted XL


Crackstuffers: Duke S


Crackstuffers: Duke M


Crackstuffers: Duke L


Crackstuffers: Luka S


Crackstuffers: Luka M


Crackstuffers: Luka L


Crackstuffers: Luka XL


Crackstuffers: Rob S


Crackstuffers: Rob M


Crackstuffers: Rob L


Crackstuffers: Rob XL


Crackstuffers: Ryan S


Crackstuffers: Ryan M


Crackstuffers: Ryan L


Crackstuffers: Ryan XL