Cheaper Prices for Crackstuffers and E-Stim

Prices for Crackstuffers and E-Stim are lowered up to 30%

Because we were able to negotiate better prices with our suppliers we now have lower prices for Crackstuffers toys and E-stim electro toys.

Prices are lowered up to 30%.

You find some example of these products below.

If you like to see all Crackstuffers toys we have available click here.

If you like to to see all available E-Stim toys click here.


Crackstuffers: Smooth Expander Double Header 70 mm.


Crackstuffers: Medium Rough Rider Truncheon


Crackstuffers: Small Jack Truncheon


Crackstuffers: Small Suppository


Crackstuffers: Depth Trainer 30 mm.


Crackstuffers: Medium Deep Plug


Crackstuffers: Large Missile


Crackstuffers: Large Rocket


E-Stim Ebox Series 2B Kit


E-Stim Micro Standard Electrode


E-Stim Large Standard Electrode


E-Stim Large Wand Monopole


E-Stim MJ Flanged Electrode


E-Stim STUFFER Torpedo Electrode


E-Stim 6 mm. Sound


E-Stim 8 mm. Dipstick Sound