New Items Addicted Fetish Collection

New Items Addicted Fetish now available

We are happy to inform you that we expanded our brand new AD Fetish collection again. It is without doubt, the hottest collection Addicted has ever designed, made to explore any fetish fantasy.

New shiny Shorts, T-shirts and Tanktops as well as a lot of new Harnesses are now available.

A long fetish pants, new Tank Tops, Jockstraps, T-Shirts, Shorts,and cotton harnesses have been added to the Addicted Fetish collection.

We receive new models and new stock from Addicted Fetish every month. As soon as new models arrive, we will put them online. So check our webshop or visit our store in Amsterdam to have a look at the new ADDICTED FETISH collection.

Below you find all available new models from Addicted Fetish. Please click on one of the pictures below if you want to order directly or click here to see all available models from ADDICTED.  


Addicted: Short Kangoo Color Code White


Addicted: Short Kangoo Color Code Yellow


Addicted: Short Kangoo Color Code Royal Blue


Addicted: Pocket Rocky Black White


Addicted: Pocket Rocky Black Red


Addicted: Pocket Rocky Black


Addicted: Pocket Rocky Black Royal Blue


Addicted Spider Elastic Harness Kaki


Addicted: Spider Elastic Harness Black


Addicted: Spider Elastic Harness White


Addicted: Spider Elastic Harness Red


Addicted: Mesh Mixed T-Shirt Black


Addicted: Basic Elastic Harness Yellow


Addicted: Basic Elastic Harness Red


Addicted: Basic Elastic Harness Black


Addicted: Basic Elastic Harness Royal Blue


Addicted: Fetish Long John Black


Addicted: Camo Stripe Boxer White


Addicted: Camo Stripe Boxer Royal Blue


Addicted: Rub Mesh T-Shirt Camouflage


Addicted: Rub Mesh T-Shirt White


Addicted: Rub Mesh T-Shirt Red


Addicted: Rub Mesh T-Shirt Royal Blue


Addicted: Double Stripe Rocky Red


Addicted: Double Stripe Rocky White


Addicted: Double Stripe Rocky Yellow


Addicted: Double Stripe Rocky Royal Blue


Addicted: Rocky Double Stripe White