New Crackstuffers toys

New Crackstuffers Toys

Depth Trainers - Our trainers as you know have always been hugely popular for players focusing on depth, now the new ones have a gentle curve, for gentle stimulation. Available in 5 sizes, 40mm up to 80mm.

Ass Spreaders - These are brilliant, they have a long taper going down to 4cm, so they are very floppy and will find their way... available in 2 sizes

Anal Invasion - Already a good seller within a few days, a fat 6cm all the way, its longer than a forearm, with gentle bumps to tease all the way down the base.

Balls Deep - A classic take on the beads, ours has a gentle head for entry, and more of a pop for exit.

Double - Butt - Available in 5 sizes, perfect for beginners to experienced customers.

Of course you can find them in the basement of our Amsterdam store with all our other toys or you can order them online.

You can check out all these new items below or order them directly. If you want to see all our new items please click here.