Other New Items In Our Collection

Other new items in our collection.

As always more new items in the Black Body collection.

now available at our (online) store are Inon rubber gloves. These gloves are reusable and well known in the fisting scene.

We now have acrylic balaclavas in 4 colors available.

Oxballs introduced some familiar models like the Cocksling 2 in new colors.

We now have K-Lube numbing gel available. Also a new vacuum pump device and a aroma gasmask are now available.

You can check out all these new items below or order them directly. If you want to see all our new items please click here.



INON Rubber Fist Gloves Box 50 pc.


Balaclava Wool


Balaclava Acrylic Army Green


Balaclava Acrylic Woodland


Balaclava Acrylic Black


EXS Extra Safe Condoms 12 Pack


EXS Extra Large Magnum Condoms 12 Pack


Rubber Toe Socks Transparent


OXBALLS Cocksling 2


OXBALLS Atomic Jock Tri-Sport Cocksling


OXBALLS Ultraballs Cockring 2 Pack Steel/Red


OXBALLS Squeeze Ball Stretcher Red


OXBALLS Ringer Cock Ring 3-Pack Steel


Aroma Gasmask


Cock Head Pump Enlarger


Silicone Breathe Through Ball Gag


Mister B Leather Whip Wooden Handle


K Numbing Gel 500 ml.


OXBALLS Sacksling 2 Electro Clear


OXBALLS Sacksling 2 Electro Black